Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3D movies

As I mentioned some weeks ago, that I'll go to see two more recent movies this month. The first one was True Grit, and for the second one I decided to wait for this new 3D movie, Sanctum. I hadn't seen a 3D movie before, so that's pretty much why I chose it.

So.. How was the 3d? At first it looked a bit strange to me, it took like 20 minutes for my eyes to get fully used to the 3D picture. The 3D glasses weren't very comfortable either. There were some cool effects, but sometimes it looked like there were multiple 2-dimensional layers in a 3d space, it's a little difficult to explain. Another thing which I found a bit annoying was the objects placed very "near" in the corners of the screen, such as tree branches or computer screens. They were annoying because they were blurry. I guess it's are supposed to create some sort of 3d impression, but they often cover like 1/4th of the screen and you can't focus your eyes on these objects, because they're intentionally blurred.

Overall I think the 3D was "ok", some effects were really cool, but there were so many distracting details which you don't have to worry about in a normal film. And the 3D video quality didn't look as high as you could expect. So while the 3D techniques are still under developement, I'd probably watch ordinary films rather than 3D.

I also made a short review of Sanctum. But to avoid too long posts, I'll post it separately later on.



  1. Still not seen a 3d movie yet but based on your review I'm not too bothered yet.

  2. I don't really like 3d movies that much. The effect is good but it also tires your eyes.

  3. never really got used to the 3D. also it's annoying since i already wear glasses.

  4. I've seen a few, maybe 3 in 3D. Avatar, Clash of the Titans, and Battle LA, off the top of my head. There might have been another that I can't remember. My parents also got a 3D TV. I have to say, at first, it sucked. But you grow into it. Now it doesn't seem so bad. It is a bit overrated, but what eventually changed my mind was watching Star Wars on TV in 3D. Mind = Blown. When Lucas releases them in theaters in 3D, I will become a slave all over again.

  5. 3D for sure man. Come check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  6. I was wondering about wearing glasses all the way through a film! You want to be comfortable not have to re adjust shit all the time..